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Sprouting wheat fodder:

We go through quite a bit of wheat every year, sometimes up to 2-3 tonnes. By sprouting the wheat, we are able to increase the protein content, nutrients, digestibility and overall satisfaction of our flock. When digestion is improved, this means less manure is produced, which is always great! Sprouts are a nice addition to the diet in the cold Canadian winters.

Steps that we follow for sprouting



1 Soak whole recleaned wheat in water for 12-24 hours.
2 Drench/drain, the soaked seeds and place into seed starting trays, no deeper than 1/2", cover with a clear dome lid.
3 Drench/drain the seeds and mix by hand. You should start to see the seeds sprouting at this point. Ensure all water is drained from tray! Cover with a clear dome lid.
4 Drench/drain the seeds and mix by hand. You will notice the seeds have sprouted more and may have started to develop a root system. Draining the seed trays will become easier by the day. A clear dome is no longer required.
5 Drench/drain the seeds, they have now developed a root system and will start shooting up dramatically.
6 Drench/drain the seeds, let grow as normal.
7 Time to feed your sprouts!

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