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2022 Waterfowl release is here!!

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March 18th to 19th please contact 905-376-9792

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Adult Waterfowl
We ship nationally in Canada and USA customers can pickup from our farm.

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A Waterfowl Preservation in Ontario Canada.

Our waterfowl stock has been primarily obtained and hand picked by David Holderread in Corvallis, Oregon USA. We imported the last of his Elite quality Runners, Dutch Hookbills, Mini Golden Cascade and Spotted Call Ducks. We also maintain other large primary breeding flocks from the Holderread Waterfowl Preservation Center.

We breed Elite Runners, Welsh Harlequin, Saxony, Silver Appleyard, Dutch Hookbill, Spotted Call, Mini Golden Cascade, Standard Golden Cascade, Aylesbury, Magpie, Abacot Ranger and Ancona ducks. We also breed Giant Dewlap Toulouse, American Blue/Lavender, Brown and Buff African, Cotton Patch, Pilgrim, Sebastopol, Shetland and Embden geese.

We operate differently from most other waterfowl farms as our aim is genetic preservation. Our birds live as naturally as possible with access to pasture, forests and grazing. We supplement their free range diets with microgreens, sprouts and fermented feed. We enjoy them every single day!

We are a proud member and representative of the Indian Runner Duck Club of the UK..

Welsh Harlequin (Silver phase)


Buff Runner


Aged Chocolate Runner female


Black Runner duckling


Faery Fawn Runner


Giant Dewlap Toulouse


Snow Duck Parade
Our viral video with over 100 million views!


Every breath you take..

The ducks enjoying a snow day.

Adult Birds

Adults will be available for shipping starting in September through December in most years. Please inquire about availability. Waterfowl are available to ship within Canada through Air Canada airline only and through Delta airlines in the USA, pick-up at our farm is strongly encouraged.

Ducks 2021
25% per extra female
Utility Breeder Quality
(for home & farm use)
Show Breeder Quality
(can produce show quality)
Show Quality
(for show & breeding)
Elite Quality
(top 1%)
Runner $40 $75 $125 Private Inquiry Only
Aylesbury $50 $75 $125 Private Inquiry Only
Welsh Harlequin $50 $75 $100 Private Inquiry Only
Saxony $50 $75 $100 Private Inquiry Only
Silver Appleyard $50 $75 $100 Private Inquiry Only
Dutch Hookbill N/A $75 $100+ Private Inquiry Only
Rouen (Exhibition) $50 $75 $100+ Private Inquiry Only
Ancona $50 $75 $100 Private Inquiry Only
Golden Cascade N/A $50 $75 Private Inquiry Only
Mini Golden Cascades $50 $75 $100 Private Inquiry Only
Spotted Call Ducks $50 $75 $100 Private Inquiry Only
Blue Fawn Call Ducks N/A N/A N/A Private Inquiry Only
Australian Spotted N/A N/A $100 Private Inquiry Only
Magpie N/A N/A N/A Private Inquiry Only
Khaki Campbell N/A N/A N/A Private Inquiry Only
Abacot Ranger N/A N/A N/A Private Inquiry Only
Geese 2021 Utility Breeder Quality Show Breeder Quality Show Quality Elite Quality
Giant Dewlap Toulouse N/A $175 $200-300 Private Inquiry Only
Brown African N/A $125 $175-300 Private Inquiry Only
Buff African N/A $125 $175-300 Private Inquiry Only
Cotton Patch N/A $175 $200-300 Private Inquiry Only
Shetland N/A N/A Invitation Only Invitation Only
Embden N/A $125 $175 Private Inquiry Only
Lavender American N/A $100 $150 Private Inquiry Only
Blue American N/A $100 $150 Private Inquiry Only
White Sebastopol N/A $175 $200-300 Private Inquiry Only
Coloured Sebastopol N/A $175 $200-300 Private Inquiry Only


Our waterfowl are only available as ADULT BIRDS ONLY. We offer our birds are set times throughout the year that will be announced on our website and social media. This is what works best for our small family farm and for the future existence of our extremely rare waterfowl.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Apricot Valley Waterfowl Preservation!

Shipping & Pickup

Farm pick-up is always welcome and encouraged in Cobourg, Ontario.

In Canada

$120 minimum* Air Canada charge + cost of rigid plastic carrier. Medium carrier for 2-3 light weight breeds is roughly $40.


$160 USD minimum + cost of rigid plastic carrier roughly $40 + $100 USD health certificate/vet costs. Please inquire about shipping adult birds. We typically ship out of New York State or Ohio 1 x 2 times per year.

Send a message to receive ordering information or to book consulting time!